Who We Are

Polish brings what everyone should see – your core beliefs, your guiding mission, your amazing journey – to the surface. Taking the richness within and putting it on display for all to see, feel, and understand. It’s not about covering up blemishes, it’s about letting what’s real shine through.

What We Do

Brand Consultation/Planning
Brand Realization
Brand Development
Audience Identification/Engagement
Qualitative Research

Brand Building is a Process. This is ours.

Through a simple, four-step process we identify what makes your organization truly stand apart from the competitive set.


Great work is made by great input, and we believe that the best way to gain insight into the brand experience is to be there, and talk to the people that bring the brand to life.  Through an audit of existing materials and targeted qualitative research, we align ourselves on where you’ve been, where you’re going, and what tools you have to get there.


Awash with information gained from our Immersion, we construct a brief that outlines our understanding of the situation, what the opportunties and challenges are for the brand, and how we’ll express ourselves going forward. We’ll also look to outline some success metrics – how we’ll measure the effectiveness of the new messaging platform.  This strategic platform will guide all work we create going forward.

Creative Concept

Born from a deep understanding of the strategic positioning, our creative teams bring the strategy to life with a creative idea that is own-able, interesting, and inspirational.  Through copy and artwork the brand will take shape aesthetically, forming the basis of the brand for the future.


With the strong foundation in place, we move to execute against the specific organizational priorities – website traffic, applications, donations, engagement, sales, awareness, etc – that we identified early in the process.  Measuring wherever possible, we continue to build a living, breathing, brand and shift the perception of your organization in the marketplace.

Want to Learn More?

It’s tough explaining to someone how to solve their unique challenges without talking about them first.  That’s why we start with a free phone consultation to start the process – we’ll get to know each other, and see how we or someone we know can help you achieve your goals.